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Credible, Affordable, Reliable, Rental Oasis

Terms & Conditions:

The listed terms and conditions is the very root of our contract; breaches of any of these terms gives Carro Rentals the right to repudiate the contract. These terms and conditions will apply to the primary and secondary renter of the vehicle upon signing the Agreement. Renter verifies that he/she has read the clause before agreeing to rent the vehicle from Carro Rentals.

Criteria of Clients:

It is imperative that drivers have attained the age of twenty-five (25) years; and is not older than sixty-five (65) and is the holder of a valid driver's license issued in their country of residence and must be held for a minimum of two (2) years. We reserve the right to refuse you if:

  1. Your license has been suspended
  2. Your license has been revoked
  3. Your license has expired

or otherwise restricted and or if your driving record is unsatisfactory to us.

Commencement of Rental:

Rental commences when the renter receives the key to the designated vehicle. Renter has the responsibility of thoroughly inspecting the vehicle thereby ensuring it is in good working condition and should report any noticeable fault/s to the Owner.  

Vehicle Use:

The authorized renter should exercise discretion and use the vehicle for what it was designed to do. As such vehicle should not be driven on roads which are deteriorated or not properly formed and is potentially damaging to the vehicle. The renter at no time shall overload or exceed seating accommodation, modify the vehicle - technically or otherwise, add or remove any accessories. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle; Carro Rental takes strong umbrage to smoking in our vehicles, failure to comply with this rule will incur a fee of $60 USD to have the vehicle cleaned. You also agree that the vehicle is not to be used while under the influence of alcohol or uncontrolled substances. The rented vehicle shall not be used to carry passengers or property for hire, goods or materials in excess of the rated weight carrying capacity. The rented vehicle shall not be used to push, propel or tow another vehicle and is not to leave the island of Tobago.

Return of Vehicle:

Vehicle must be returned in the same condition as received on the date and time as indicated on the contract. Should the renter require to extend his rental period this should be brought to the attention of the owner within 24 hours. We reserve the right to grant extensions or decline such. All extensions are subjected to a different rate. The renter has a grace period of 30 minutes to return the vehicle outside of the agreed time after which a fee of $50 TT will be charged on every hour or portion thereof the vehicle is within your possession.


In the unlikely event of a breakdown the renter must immediately contact Carro Rentals and desist from driving the vehicle. Once the breakdown is no fault of the renter Carro Rentals will on its volition provide the renter with an alternative vehicle.  

Accident/Damage/Theft of Vehicle:

In case of accidents; damage; or theft of vehicle renter has the responsibility of reporting such to the nearest police station within the vicinity. Renter is required to fill out an accident report within 24 hours of the incident.